Leach Field Treatment

Septic tank and leach field treatment typically consisting of a beneficial bacteria and enzyme additive. Before the introduction of harsh chemicals, anti bacterial hand soaps and cleaning products, septic systems functioned on their own with the help of coli form bacteria produced by humans and the normal operation of a septic system. Anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals kill off of the coli form of bacteria allowing solids to … Read more

Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance. This article was written to help the reader identify septic system odors and perform septic tank maintenance, whether the odorsĀ are originating from a septic tank and drain field or from a vent stack. We will discuss and focus on just a few of the types of septic tank systems and drain fields available. Toxic methane gas and odors originating from a septic … Read more