Cesspit Odors

Image of a homeowner, smelling septic odors.

have plagued homeowners for centuries. This blog will briefly touch on the cause of septic cesspit odors and the smells created by cesspit systems. We will also take advantage of this opportunity and discuses the pros and cons of cesspits and cesspools. We will discuses their comparison to septic tanks lateral leach fields and the benefits of using bacterial additive as a monthly maintenance cesspit treatment. Cesspools, cesspits and cesspit … Read more

Get rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done

Getting rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done. Septic tanks, drain fields, cesspits, cesspools are basically all the same type of system. They are all used to treat household waste, usually in rural areas of the country where city sewer is not accessible. This article is written to help the reader address septic system odors and to give the reader a few ideas on ways to treat … Read more