Clogged cesspool

Image of a clogged cesspool.

Clogged cesspool or strong septic tank odors coming from your local septic tank pump out guy can startle even the savviest of homeowner. The cost of replacing a septic system will almost certainly run into the tens of thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement cost. Well constructed cesspools will typically last 50 years plus when maintain properly and pumped out on a regular basis. Bacterial additive is one of … Read more

Get rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done

Getting rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done. Septic tanks, drain fields, cesspits, cesspools are basically all the same type of system. They are all used to treat household waste, usually in rural areas of the country where city sewer is not accessible. This article is written to help the reader address septic system odors and to give the reader a few ideas on ways to treat … Read more