School grease trap clogging

Image of school grease trap clogging.

This article will cover school grease trap clogging. Grease is man-made. People say that everything that man has created has both good and bad purposes. It’s like creating something neutral and then the outcome would just depend on how that thing affects everything else. Grease was made to be an efficient lubricant in machines of various industries. It is always present in automobiles to smoothen the run of the motors. … Read more

Commercial grease trap clogging

This article will cover commercial grease trap clogging.  Regard for the environment has been the trend these past few years. The green concept has reached every industry imaginable—clothing, construction, publication, beverages, procurement, and food. When it comes to beverages and food, organic is the way to go. But even if this is so, food items are still made up of plant and animal fat. Various establishments have already decided to … Read more