School grease trap reduction

Image of a method of school grease trap reduction.

This article will cover school grease trap reduction and the benefits of using good bacteria. As the population in the United States increases, more and more young people become students. There is a very high demand for educators and educational institutions that will help form these young people into achievers of their generation. The US has always been known to fully support educational milestones and processes. The government and its … Read more

School grease trap clogging

Image of school grease trap clogging.

This article will cover school grease trap clogging. Grease is man-made. People say that everything that man has created has both good and bad purposes. It’s like creating something neutral and then the outcome would just depend on how that thing affects everything else. Grease was made to be an efficient lubricant in machines of various industries. It is always present in automobiles to smoothen the run of the motors. … Read more

School grease trap chemicals

This article will cover School grease trap chemicals and the role they play. What is the first thing that comes into mind when the word “chemicals” is heard? Most people think of corrosion, harm, burns, explosion, drugs, and danger when they hear this word. Well, technically, when chemicals are used, these collections of words are actually evident. Not everyone is well-versed with the proper use and combination of chemicals. This is … Read more

Government housing grease trap problems

Image of one example of government housing grease trap problems.

This article will cover Government housing grease trap problems. Engaging in efforts to have home ownership is a common thing in the United States. More and more people are realizing the importance of having their very own property. Many start young and manage to secure a home even before they enter marriage. Others wait until they get married in order to have someone help them acquire a house in an … Read more

Commercial grease trap prevention

This article will cover grease trap prevention. Grease accumulation is heavily affecting the environment and health of the US population. FOG (fats, oils, grease) are now ever present in the untreated effluent that enters the wastewater treatment plants. Every county is strictly regulating the amount of wastewater that is discharged by commercial or non-residential establishments or facilities with the use of several programs. Every state has created these programs to … Read more

Cafeteria grease trap maintenance

Image of cafeteria grease trap maintenance.

This article will cover cafeteria grease trap maintenance. Professionals and students spend ninety percent of their waking hours at work or at school. It’s already a given that their meals are supposed to be taken in these venues to save time, save money, and increase productivity. A cafeteria’s responsibility is to keep warm meals flowing and as much as possible, new dishes should be prepared to keep everyone’s interest. As … Read more