Commercial grease trap prevention

This article will cover grease trap prevention. Grease accumulation is heavily affecting the environment and health of the US population. FOG (fats, oils, grease) are now ever present in the untreated effluent that enters the wastewater treatment plants. Every county is strictly regulating the amount of wastewater that is discharged by commercial or non-residential establishments or facilities with the use of several programs. Every state has created these programs to … Read more

Cafeteria grease trap maintenance

Image of cafeteria grease trap maintenance.

This article will cover cafeteria grease trap maintenance. Professionals and students spend ninety percent of their waking hours at work or at school. It’s already a given that their meals are supposed to be taken in these venues to save time, save money, and increase productivity. A cafeteria’s responsibility is to keep warm meals flowing and as much as possible, new dishes should be prepared to keep everyone’s interest. As … Read more