Best way to care for a septic tank system:

 This article will give the reader some general advice on addressing septic tank odors and the cause of odors. It will also give you some incite as to how to maintain septic tank systems and their drain fields. There is more to maintaining a septic tank then flushing the toilet. Improperly maintained septic tanks and drain fields can and will fail if not treated with a septic tank bacterial treatment on a regular monthly basis.

It has been long been said that nothing is to be thrown in to a septic tank and that they will live on the coli form of bacteria that our bodies produce. This may be true if you are looking back into the past about 20 years, before the planet started using anti bacterial hand cleaners, hand sanitizers and harsh cleaning chemicals. These products kill off the week coli form bacteria preventing the digestion of solids into effluent and allowing them to migrate out into the drain field. When solids migrate out into the drain field they will transform into what is referred to as a bio mat (black tar like substance).

This bio mat will leach into the drain field creating a build up, blocking the ability of the drain field to absorption the effluent. Maintain your septic tank and drain field with a monthly maintenance treatment of beneficial bacteria and your septic system will give you years of healthy, maintenance free service.

 Remember: never through foreign objects of any kind into a septic tank. Items such as handy wipes, sanitary napkins and toilet papers that are made of cotton can clog a system destroying your drain field coasting thousands in repairs.

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