Drain field preventive maintenance

Image of a drainfield undergoing drain field preventive maintenance.

This article will briefly discuss the benefits of drain field preventive maintenance. The drain field is the make or break of the septic system. This is the final phase of wastewater treatment in your home. Here, the pre-treated, clear effluent is purified and rid of the contaminants and pathogens before it is released back into the surrounding environment. It makes or breaks the septic system because its condition leads to … Read more

Raised mound bacteria shock treatment

Image of a raised mound bacteria shock treatment.

This article will cover the age old question on how raised mound bacteria shock treatments work, you’re not stranded in some island and it’s not a dream. Dismay filled you as you look at your yard filled with wet spots with your raised mound towering over it. It didn’t seem real. You’re a very responsible homeowner and worked well with your septic expert with every pump out session and every … Read more

Will hydrogen peroxide harm cesspits?

Image of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

The desire to have a smooth running cesspit has always motivated you to search for better products in the market. We are going to discuss the use of hydrogen peroxide and the question of will hydrogen peroxide harm cesspits? There are so many manufacturers of cesspit cleaners that you could choose from. These products all promise to give you the best results and leave your cesspit in its optimal condition. … Read more

Will hydrogen peroxide clean septics?

Image of hydrogen peroxide being poured into the drain.

There have been many questions about hydrogen peroxide and will hydrogen peroxide clean septics? Septics are wastewater treatment systems that are especially designed and built for your household. It could only accommodate the number of household members that you have. If you have plans of increasing the number of people that live in your home, you may want to upgrade your septic as well. As you may know, the septic … Read more

How long do raised mounds last?

Image of a raised mound system.

This article will cover a long standing question of how long do raised mounds last? Your very inquisitive ten-year-old son always loves to tag along with you wherever you went during weekends and when school is out. As a parent, you know that children grow up so fast and having a son who wants to spent time with you was already a rare thing in this day and age. One … Read more

Septic tank failed in my new home

Brand new home, brand new morning, it was the first morning in your newly purchased home. You have never been more fulfilled in your entire life. You’ve spent years of hard work just to come up with the down payment for the property. You prayed hard that it wouldn’t be sold just yet. The agent called you up so many times just to tell you that the prospective buyers were … Read more

Septic additives do help septic tanks

Image of septic tank additives.

With your career as a blogger on various consumer products, it can be very tedious to test every single product for the benefit of your followers. Your job usually called for personal trials of the newest products in the market. It was never easy especially when it came to beauty and health products. It can be safely said that you have subjected yourself to be a human guinea pig. But … Read more

Best way to care for a septic tank system:

 This article will give the reader some general advice on addressing septic tank odors and the cause of odors. It will also give you some incite as to how to maintain septic tank systems and their drain fields. There is more to maintaining a septic tank then flushing the toilet. Improperly maintained septic tanks and drain fields can and will fail if not treated with a septic tank bacterial treatment … Read more