Septic Tanks and Drain Field Care?

Septic Tanks andĀ Drain FieldĀ Care?
This article will give the new homeowner, who is unfamiliar with the maintenance and operation of septic systems and their drain fields. Dealing with septic tank odors and backups can all be avoided with a little preventative maintenance. It will also give you basic knowledge as to what is involved in maintaining septic tank and the drain fields.

Maintaining a septic tank system and a drain filed can be simple if performed on a routine basis. This will ensure the health and safety of our septic system. Neglecting to maintain a septic tank and the drain fields can be a mistake that may cost you dearly in repairs and in the worst case scenario, the replacement of the failed system that can run into the thousands of dollars.
Septic tank treatments that contain beneficial bacteria are the key to maintaining a septic system and the drain field. Beneficial bacteria will help to digest solids converting them into water and carbon dioxide preventing solids from migrating out into your drain field forming bio mat clogging your drain field.
Treat your septic system with beneficial bacteria on a monthly basis and it will give you years of problem free service.

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