Leach Field Treatment

Septic tank and leach field treatment typically consisting of a beneficial bacteria and enzyme additive.

Before the introduction of harsh chemicals, anti bacterial hand soaps and cleaning products, septic systems functioned on their own with the help of coli form bacteria produced by humans and the normal operation of a septic system.

Anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals kill off of the coli form of bacteria allowing solids to escape into the drain field. Solids that would normally digest in the septic tank, coagulant in the drain field converting into a black tar like substance called bio mat. The bio mat clogs your drain field causing septic system failure.

The use of a bacterial additive on a monthly basis will maintain a septic system and the drain field, digesting solids into effluent ensuring years of problem free service.

Commercial grades of high concentrated bacteria are used in applications where septic tank drain fields are clogged causing system failure. Heavy doses of bacteria are injected into the drain field where bacteria seep into the drain field digesting sludge and bio mat restoring the drain field.

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