Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Where to Buy Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

There are many varieties of toilet papers on the market with many of them notentirely safe for septic systems. The Office of Wastewater Management has concluded from the 2007 Census Bureau that 20% or of U.S. homes are on some type of septic tanks and drain fields or septic cesspit system. That’s more than 26 million Americans that use an onsite wastewater treatment system for dispose of waste water generated by homes and small businesses.

With the coast of septic tank and drain field replacement rising every day, we all have an interest in maintaining our septic system. Performing scheduled maintenance and treating the system with beneficial bacteria will maximize the life of your septic system giving the homeowner years of trouble free service.

Listed below are a few helpful tips:

1) Use the toilet paper with the “Dissolves Fast” Scott Rapid Dissolve is my toilet paper of choice. I have use Scott toilet paper for years and am very pleased with its performance.

2) Use white toilet paper only. Colored toilet paper use chlorine dioxide and are harder to digest.

3) Never dispose of facial tissue into the toilet. Toilet paper manufactured in the U.S. is different than facial tissue. Septic safe toilet paper is designed to safely decompose in septic systems and most facial tissue is not.

4) Unless the paper states “Dissolves Fast” go with the cheapest or an environmentally safe paper. More expensive toilet paper use chlorine dioxide as an additive making the less septic tank safe.

Purchasing a septic tank safe toilet paper is a matter of taking a few minutes and doing some basic research. Draft up a list of what you would consider septic safe toilet paper and do the research. A little research can save you thousands in repair cost.

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