Septic Tank Pumping

Image of a professional septic tank pumpng service. Septic tank pumping cost can range from region to region of the country. We will briefly discuses the pro and cons of pumping a septic tank out as well as the frequency and cost of pumping septic tanks.

We all know that septic tanks require an occasional pump out. The question becomes, when should a septic tank be pumped and what are the cost associated with pumping a septic tank.

Depending on the size of your home and the number of family members will determine the frequency that a system tank will require pumping. The septic tank and system size is determined by the number of bedrooms when the septic tank and drain field are installed. This and the number of people living in the home will determine the frequency of pump outs. We have listed a recommended pump out schedule below. This is based on a three bedroom house and normal usage.

5 – 6 persons living in the home, the septic tank pumping should be every 3 years
3 – 4 persons living in the home, the septic tank pumping should be every 4 years
1 – 2 persons living in the home, the septic tank pumping should be every 6 years

Septic tanks may require a more frequent pump outs when systems experiences heavy usage such as excessive amounts of water due to showers and heavy washing machine usage. Flushing sanitary napkins may cause the system to be prematurely pumped out.

The cost of pumping out a septic tank is determined by a few different things. One is the cost the pumping company pays to dump the waste pumped out of your septic tank. Another cost associated with septic tank pump outs is the location of the system. There can be a charge if the septic tank pumping technician is required to locate and expose the access area to the septic tank opening. In some cases the system may be too deep to expose the system with a shovel. A backhoe may be required and the expense would be passed onto the homeowner.

The key to eliminating unnecessary pump outs is to eliminate anti bacterial products and harsh toxic chemicals that kill off good healthy bacteria. Treat the system with a beneficial bacterial on a monthly basis. This is important when maintain a healthy bacterial count in an attempt to digest solid waste, fats oils and greases before they flow out into the drain field.

Septic tank pumping cost can be reduced and in some cases eliminated when the proper steps are taken to maintain a septic tank and drainage system.

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