How much does it cost to have a cesspool pumped?

Image of a cesspool being pumped.

This article will focus on the age old question of how much does it cost to have a cesspool pumped? You watched the septic expert take care of your neighbor’s cesspool. It was a regular thing already. You often think of the cost that your neighbor has always set aside for this practice. For seven years, you haven’t really had any pump out sessions for your cesspool. You depended on … Read more

Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tank pumping cost can range from region to region of the country. We will briefly discuses the pro and cons of pumping a septic tank out as well as the frequency and cost of pumping septic tanks. We all know that septic tanks require an occasional pump out. The question becomes, when should a septic tank be pumped and what are the cost associated with pumping a septic tank. … Read more

Septic Tank Pumping

Image of a septic expert, pumping a septic tank.

Septic tank pumping is a fact of life if you own a septic system. The purpose of pumping a septic tank is to remove the solid waste accumulation. If a septic system owner neglects to pump out the system in a timely manner, the solid waste can build up and eventually migrate out to the drain field causing drain field failure and disruption in service. Septic tank pumping should always … Read more

Septic System Basics 101

Septic systems as we know them have been around since around the 1800’s and maybe as far back as the Romans era. Today virtually 25% of all households in America use on site waste water septic systems to filter waste generated by the residence. These individual septic systems are usually located in rural areas of the country where city sewer systems are not available or would be too expensive and … Read more