Are leach field aerators beneficial?

Image of a leach field aerator.

This article will help to explain the age old question of are leach field aerators beneficial? The time came when you wanted to marry again. You have been divorced for ten years already so you thought it was about time for you to give marriage another try. There was a woman you had a serious relationship with for almost seven years then and she had a son. When you were … Read more

Leach Field Treatment

Septic tank and leach field treatment typically consisting of a beneficial bacteria and enzyme additive. Before the introduction of harsh chemicals, anti bacterial hand soaps and cleaning products, septic systems functioned on their own with the help of coli form bacteria produced by humans and the normal operation of a septic system. Anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals kill off of the coli form of bacteria allowing solids to … Read more

Correcting Septic System Drainage Issues Related to Erosion and Depression

  Often times with older septic systems, the soils surrounding the lateral lines, cesspit, septic tank, leach field or drain field become eroded or depressed. This settling action is often times normal but it can affect the amount of water entering our drainage areas.  Since most systems contain perforated piping or walls (as in a cesspit), along with gravel surrounding the piping, the systems themselves act somewhat as sponges that collect rain water … Read more