Cesspool Clogged

Cesspool clogged is a term widely used by professionals and homeowners country wide. The term usually describes the condition of a clogged cesspool or cesspit when a bio mat builds up at the bottom and sides of the tank. This can restrict water or effluent from filtering out into the soil.

Improperly maintained or undertreated cesspool systems will accumulate a bio mat buildup eventually causing the cesspool to clog reducing the leaching process; begin to emit odors, produce gurgling sounds in the toilets overflowing into the yard producing wet spots and grass discoloration.

Clogged cesspools can be treated with heavy doses of beneficial bacteria shock treatment causing bio mat to digest allowing the system to regain the ability to perk. This digestion will convert bio mat into water and carbon dioxide opening the cesspool leaching ports allowing for proper drainage.

Treat your cesspool on a monthly basis with a bacterial and enzyme treatment preventing cesspool clogging.

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