Clogged cesspool

Image of a clogged cesspool.

Clogged cesspool or strong septic tank odors coming from your local septic tank pump out guy can startle even the savviest of homeowner. The cost of replacing a septic system will almost certainly run into the tens of thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement cost. Well constructed cesspools will typically last 50 years plus when maintain properly and pumped out on a regular basis. Bacterial additive is one of … Read more

Cesspool Clogged

Cesspool clogged is a term widely used by professionals and homeowners country wide. The term usually describes the condition of a clogged cesspool or cesspit when a bio mat builds up at the bottom and sides of the tank. This can restrict water or effluent from filtering out into the soil. Improperly maintained or undertreated cesspool systems will accumulate a bio mat buildup eventually causing the cesspool to clog reducing … Read more