How to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup

Image of bio-mat removed from a cesspool.

The other day the septic people came out to pump out our cesspool. My guardian asked the cesspool professional how to get rid of cesspool bio-mat buildup. Maybe it was just you but who could blame you? You were an orphan yourself and there was no better place to go home to than a huge house filled with children like you. After years of hard work, you finally had everything … Read more

Cesspool Clogged

Cesspool clogged is a term widely used by professionals and homeowners country wide. The term usually describes the condition of a clogged cesspool or cesspit when a bio mat builds up at the bottom and sides of the tank. This can restrict water or effluent from filtering out into the soil. Improperly maintained or undertreated cesspool systems will accumulate a bio mat buildup eventually causing the cesspool to clog reducing … Read more