Monthly cesspit treatments

Image of a monthly cesspit treatment. The sun was just beginning to peak from behind the clouds that day. It was a weekend but you didn’t spend it with your family as other professionals do. Your youngest son of seven years sat on the porch and watched you load your work tools into your truck and the monthly cesspit treatments your customers would require to ensure their septic systems operate at maximum capacity. You smiled at your son and explained that you had to work even during the weekends because you had to help people take care of their cesspits. He looked at you with pleading eyes and said that he wanted to go to work with you. You paused for a while and thought about the rules that your son must follow if he would accompany you at work.

After breakfast, you and your son went to work. You told him that he should stay far away from the cesspit problem area at all times. When you pulled up at the first client’s house for the day, your son asked what those tubs contained. They were cesspit additives that have to be applied monthly as treatment to ensure the leaching ability of the cesspit system. Curiosity overwhelmed your son and asked so many things about the cesspit and operation. Of course, you tried to explain the system and how it functioned.

The cesspit is a mini wastewater treatment facility that is designed for your home. It is pretty similar to the septic system but it had no drain field made up of outflow pipe. Instead, it had perforations or holes around the tank itself through which the effluent disperses into the soil absorption system. The wastewater is collected in the cesspit. Here, the bacteria degrade the solid wastes into effluent. Sludge is eventually formed and should be eliminated by schedule so that the effluent will remain clear once it reaches the surrounding soil. If the sludge is left to overly accumulate, then the perforations around the tank will be blocked. This will result in a backup of sewage water into your home and onto your backyard.

It is important for the cesspit to receive monthly treatments to make sure that the bacteria counts are high, the soil and the tank aren’t blocked with bio-mat, and all the components are intact. It is not something that should be taken a bit seriously because the overall condition of the cesspit depends on how well you maintain it. A monthly cesspit maintenance treatment is necessary so a budget should be set aside for this proposes. Your son watched you diligently work of the each client’s cesspit inspection and secretly harbored admiration for your skills, knowledge, and dedication. He silently watched how you prepared each cleaning solution. How he wished he could already be of help to you, but he knew that you wouldn’t let him be close to the cesspit and the solutions themselves. The least he could do was to behave and be prompt in getting back into the truck when you’re about to leave.

The reason why you work everyday, even on weekdays is because you always want to help those homeowners maintain a smooth-running cesspit system. If their cesspit is functioning well, then they are safe from diseases and toxicity. This was the very reason you told your son when he asked why you had to leave when everyone else was at home. There was a time when one of your children celebrated a birthday and you had to leave for work. Even if you made it that night, it was never the same because your family wasn’t complete to share the occasion. Nevertheless, you explained yourself. Be thankful that your family has always understood you for your work.

Monthly cesspit treatments are a must-do practice if homeowners want their cesspits to last for decades. Like any other living being, the cesspit needs proper maintenance and care. It is like having a monthly veterinary visit or check up. Only think of it as having a very large dog underneath your home.

As you call it a day, your son yawned in the back seat, with his safety belt on. You decided to stop by a local snack shop to reward him for his patience and cooperation that day. You’re not quite sure if he would be doing the same thing next week but it was fun having him around when you worked. You never knew that doing monthly cesspit treatments would be this rewarding.

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