Drain field preventive maintenance

Image of a drainfield undergoing drain field preventive maintenance.

This article will briefly discuss the benefits of drain field preventive maintenance. The drain field is the make or break of the septic system. This is the final phase of wastewater treatment in your home. Here, the pre-treated, clear effluent is purified and rid of the contaminants and pathogens before it is released back into the surrounding environment. It makes or breaks the septic system because its condition leads to … Read more

Monthly cesspit treatments

Image of a monthly cesspit treatment.

The sun was just beginning to peak from behind the clouds that day. It was a weekend but you didn’t spend it with your family as other professionals do. Your youngest son of seven years sat on the porch and watched you load your work tools into your truck and the monthly cesspit treatments your customers would require to ensure their septic systems operate at maximum capacity. You smiled at … Read more