Will hydrogen peroxide harm cesspits?

Image of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

The desire to have a smooth running cesspit has always motivated you to search for better products in the market. We are going to discuss the use of hydrogen peroxide and the question of will hydrogen peroxide harm cesspits? There are so many manufacturers of cesspit cleaners that you could choose from. These products all promise to give you the best results and leave your cesspit in its optimal condition. … Read more

Monthly cesspit treatments

Image of a monthly cesspit treatment.

The sun was just beginning to peak from behind the clouds that day. It was a weekend but you didn’t spend it with your family as other professionals do. Your youngest son of seven years sat on the porch and watched you load your work tools into your truck and the monthly cesspit treatments your customers would require to ensure their septic systems operate at maximum capacity. You smiled at … Read more

Cesspool Treatments

Cesspool treatments are essential to any home owner with a cesspool or cesspit. There are currently millions of homes in America that utilize a cesspool as a primary means of disposing of household waste water. If you are fortunate enough to have a cesspool or cesspit, consider yourself lucky. The systems are installed in place of a drain field. They are set in a vertical fashion and may be constructed … Read more