Difference between bacteria and enzymes

With all the confusion over whether to use bacteria or enzymes to unclog failing septic systems, a simple explanation of the two will hopefully put an end to this never ending debate. Bacteria eat waste within your septic, lines and any drainage areas such as a leach pit, lateral line or field. As the bacteria digests waste it creates enzymes which more or less liquefy waste, making it easier for … Read more

Leach Field Cleaning

Leach field cleaning is a term that has been widely used when referencing a septic tank and drain field pump out. If a septic system is properly maintained, the necessary maintenance that should be performed is a monthly bacterial maintenance treatment and a septic tank pump out every 3 to 4 years depending on the size of the home and the number of people residing in the residence. Leach field … Read more

Leach Field Treatment

Septic tank and leach field treatment typically consisting of a beneficial bacteria and enzyme additive. Before the introduction of harsh chemicals, anti bacterial hand soaps and cleaning products, septic systems functioned on their own with the help of coli form bacteria produced by humans and the normal operation of a septic system. Anti bacterial hand soaps and harsh chemicals kill off of the coli form of bacteria allowing solids to … Read more

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Where to Buy Septic Safe Toilet Paper? There are many varieties of toilet papers on the market with many of them notentirely safe for septic systems. The Office of Wastewater Management has concluded from the 2007 Census Bureau that 20% or of U.S. homes are on some type of septic tanks and drain fields or septic cesspit system. That’s more than 26 million Americans that use an onsite wastewater treatment … Read more

Septic Tank Problems and Septic Odors

Septic tank problems and odors can arise when you least expect it. Special events and get together are prime time for septic tank backups and gurgling toilets that produce toxic odors. Septic systems that are on the verge of failing can do so with the over use of the system. By inspecting and treating you system on a regular basis you may be able to avoid embarrassing septic tank backups. … Read more

How to get rid of Solids in a Septic Tank?

Getting rid of solids in a septic tank can be as easy as using a beneficial bacteria as a monthly maintenance treatment. With the introduction of anti bacteria hand soaps and other household bacterial killing chemicals, the Coli form of bacterial that is natural to the septic environment is killed off. The result is a lack of digestion and a buildup of solid material in the septic tank. If the … Read more

New Home Buyers Beware of Septic Tank Problems

Buying a new home is always a great time everyone involved. Regardless, if you are in the market for a fairly new built home or an older existing home; the home inspection phase is the most important aspects of the entire transaction. Take the realtors word that everything is well built and up to code can be the worst mistake of your life. Chose your home inspector wisely, do a … Read more

Gurgling sounds coming from pipes

A lot of people hear gurgling sounds coming form plumbing pipes and usually don’t think twice about it. Sometimes the gurgling occurs as a normal gas flow process while other times these sounds can be the beginning of a deeper problem. Septic systems that are functioning properly build up little pressure within the system, however, systems that are in the beginning stages of clogging build pressure which pushes back into … Read more

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

There are many home owners that unknowingly develop bad habits that can lead up to a septic tank and drain filed failure. Anti bacterial soap and the use of harsh cleaning chemicals are just a few factors that can lead to septic tank and drain field failure. Toilet paper is often a contributing factor in the failure of a septic tank system and their drain field. When choosing a septic … Read more

Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Just a quick thought on the use of toilet paper and bathroom tissue for use in septic tank and drain field systems. With the introduction of anti bacteria hand soaps and anti bacterial house hold cleansers reeking havoc on septic systems and their drain fields, it is important to use products that are truly septic safe. As a rule of thumb, remember to stay away from papers that contain cotton … Read more