Septic Tank Tips:

Within the U.S., it is estimated that 25 percent of the population use on-site septic tank waste water treatment systems. It is also estimated that 5% of these systems fail each year due to poor maintenance. Tips for a healthy septic system: 1) Biodegradable waste water only should be discharged in a septic system. 2) Never use a garbage disposal with a septic system. The undigested raw food will inter … Read more

Home Tips for a Septic Tank

Toilet paper and anti-bacteria soaps and chemicals are probably one of the most common problems facing septic tank owners. Good septic tank friendly toilet paper is important to maintaining a healthy septic tank and drain field. Don’t take the (septic safe) wording on the package for face value, do the research. Scott brand of toilet paper is probably the safest choice on the market and one that I have been … Read more

Septic Tanks and Drain Field Care?

Septic Tanks and Drain Field Care? This article will give the new homeowner, who is unfamiliar with the maintenance and operation of septic systems and their drain fields. Dealing with septic tank odors and backups can all be avoided with a little preventative maintenance. It will also give you basic knowledge as to what is involved in maintaining septic tank and the drain fields. Maintaining a septic tank system and a drain … Read more

Best way to care for a septic tank system:

 This article will give the reader some general advice on addressing septic tank odors and the cause of odors. It will also give you some incite as to how to maintain septic tank systems and their drain fields. There is more to maintaining a septic tank then flushing the toilet. Improperly maintained septic tanks and drain fields can and will fail if not treated with a septic tank bacterial treatment … Read more

Septic System Maintenance

This article will help the reader with some general information regarding living with and maintaining a septic tank system and drain field. We will offer some general information estimating the cost of pumping out a septic tank system and the frequency explaining how often should a septic tank be pumped out? This article will also advise the reader as to simple “Do’s and Do Not” addressing house hold products and … Read more

Septic System Basics 101

Septic systems as we know them have been around since around the 1800’s and maybe as far back as the Romans era. Today virtually 25% of all households in America use on site waste water septic systems to filter waste generated by the residence. These individual septic systems are usually located in rural areas of the country where city sewer systems are not available or would be too expensive and … Read more

Get rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done

Getting rid of septic tank odors is easier said than done. Septic tanks, drain fields, cesspits, cesspools are basically all the same type of system. They are all used to treat household waste, usually in rural areas of the country where city sewer is not accessible. This article is written to help the reader address septic system odors and to give the reader a few ideas on ways to treat … Read more

Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Treatment, Odor and Septic Tank Maintenance. This article was written to help the reader identify septic system odors and perform septic tank maintenance, whether the odors are originating from a septic tank and drain field or from a vent stack. We will discuss and focus on just a few of the types of septic tank systems and drain fields available. Toxic methane gas and odors originating from a septic … Read more

How Often do Septic Tanks and Cesspits Need to get Pumped Out?

  Septic tanks and cesspits need pumping. There is no question about it! The question is, how often and why? Since your septic system will inevitably become full at some point, making sure that your sludge levels do not flow out to your drain field is critical to the long term performance of your system.  Septic systems are generally designed to hold solids and liquids that leave your home through … Read more

Correcting Septic System Drainage Issues Related to Erosion and Depression

  Often times with older septic systems, the soils surrounding the lateral lines, cesspit, septic tank, leach field or drain field become eroded or depressed. This settling action is often times normal but it can affect the amount of water entering our drainage areas.  Since most systems contain perforated piping or walls (as in a cesspit), along with gravel surrounding the piping, the systems themselves act somewhat as sponges that collect rain water … Read more